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Yvette McDowell


Yvette McDowell Consulting

Yvette McDowell is an experienced lawyer with 30 years of municipal government experience.

As a former firefighter-paramedic and a retired Emmy Award Winning Assistant City Prosecutor, she brings to the table years of hands on experience. She has a deep respect and value for fair justice and believes that equity is where justice begins and ends. Described by colleagues as relentless, determined and a force to be reckoned with, she balances her tenacious spirit with compassion and empathy.

Yvette is making waves consulting for city and county governments and helping to shape regulation as it pertains to cannabis law.

Her ultimate focus is education and communication. To accomplish this she will work side by side with city and county municipal governments to educate and foster economic growth, as well as bridge the communication gap between local government and the community regarding the cannabis industry.

Yvette is not your typical lawyer. Her dedication to justice and equity is unmatched in her efforts to aid in developing fair regulation that benefits every aspect of the community from economic growth to compassionate treatment of those in need.