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James Stephens

Aurelis Data, Inc.

Mr. James Stephens is a senior product development executive with 20 years of
experience developing products in highly regulated environments like pharmaceuticals,
nutritional supplements, food, flavor, and fragrance. James is a co-founder of Aurelius
Data, which specializes in the analysis of scientific-analytical data with cross-referenced
consumer sentiment and experience data for the identification of novel impacts of active
materials, with a primary focus on cannabinoid containing products. He also is co-
founder of Iron Light LLC, a natural product investment and development firm that
specializes in sustainable business solutions. Mr. Stephens was formerly the CEO of
Blue Marble - a natural chemical development company that worked for fortune 50
companies, developing natural and sustainable pathways for new and existing products
with a specialization in compliance with US and EU natural flavor regulations. Blue
Marble was acquired by Socati, a precision cannabinoid manufacturer in April of 2019,
to accelerate GMP and food-grade compliance in the hemp sector and integrate a
natural approach to consumer innovation.  

James's real talents blossomed in the flavor and fragrance industry when Blue Marble
began to specialize in developing flavor product pathways that follow 21 CFR 501.22
and EC 1334 / 2008.  During this time, it became apparent that compliance was a vital
part of new product development, and regulatory compliance with USDA, FDA, FTC,
and similar rules would be critical for any new ingredient industry. Regulatory
compliance is a crucial part of the work he performs in all of the industries that he works
in and is especially passionate to see GMP, 21 CFR standards applied consistently to
the cannabinoid space. These standards would improve the quality of products and
guarantee customers have safer access to products.

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Cannabis Laws & Science

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This session will explore the science behind the various rules and regulations in different states and explore key aspects that lawyers and regulators should know.
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