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Guillermo Fernández Navarro



"Founder and CEO of the law office S&F Abogados, Madrid, spain, who laywer specialize in the cannabis industry in Spain. Guillermo is a criminal defense attorney, who has been defending cannabis growers/producers, cannabis clubs, grow shops and Banks of seeds, for more than 10º years. He also is legal consultant and adviser to specific bussines focused on CBD and THC products sales in Spain and Europe. Addictionally, he provides legal advice to bussines, which specialize in growing hemp then distributing and selling to specific Europen markets.
Advises international companies interested in obtaining a license from the Spanish Medical Agency for grow medical cannabis whit THC and those who are interesting in applying for a license to the Spanish Medical Agency for CBD or THC extraccion.
In addiction, work on political advocacy at the national level, cooperating whit various organizations and grassroots committees which promote the reacreational and medical use of cannabis."

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An Overview of Spain's Cannabis Medical Licenses, Clubs and More

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Administrative Law |  Litigation |  Regulation law |  Webinar with CLE credit
Kai-Friedrich Niermann |  Guillermo Fernández Navarro
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The recreational cannabis industry has emerged in Spain. We will explore the process to get cultivation licenses for medical cannabis producers, leading products in the market, the social impacts of c...
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