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Daniel Young

Grassland Botanicals

Daniel L. Young, PhD has worked at the forefront data sciences with a focus on healthcare innovation and systems biology for over seventeen years focusing on biomedical, machine learning, machine vision, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and healthcare applications.  Dr. Young began his research career at the Harvard Biomotion Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital where he designed novel devices to aid in human motion and rehabilitation for patients.  While a researcher and postdoctoral associate at Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Dr. Young investigated novel optimal control system strategies for biomedical applications inspired by his research of neural networks and synaptic plasticity.  His research was applied to medical treatments and the control of complex nonlinear systems.  

In his pursuit of advancing our fundamental understanding of complex, heterogeneous diseases, diagnostic approaches, and response to treatments, Dr. Young’s research utilizing advanced computational and machine learning algorithms has included the study of diabetes, respiratory disorders, neuroscience, oncology, infectious diseases, bone disorders, autoimmunity, renal disease, and anemia.  Dr. Young and one of his colleagues were editors of a pioneering book on systems biology published in 2011 by Wiley, Inc., integrating the latest advancements in personalized medicine and systems approaches to the delivery of healthcare.  

Dr. Young helped develop predictive biosimulations at Entelos, Inc. focused on quantitative models for the discovery and validation of drug targets, identification of biomarkers, proactive and personalized medicine, design of clinical trials, and ultimately advancing the effectiveness of preventative, therapeutic and monitoring solutions for patients.  He founded Lemma Consulting focused on data-driven approaches to enhance novel technologies. And most recently, Dr. Young founded Grassland Botanicals to focus on natural plant-based luxury products for improving wellness.