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Daniel Podestá Farina

Uruguay Lawyer

Estudio Podestá

Daniel is a lawyer with more than eighteen years of experience. Actually, he is partner at Estudio Podestá, law firm founded in 1978.

Since 2013, he has specialized in regulatory framework of hemp and cannabis industries in Uruguay, advising companies -from startups to large publicly listed companies- throughout the process of obtaining licenses and authorizations before public authorities and counselling them in corporate matters and M&A.

Daniel has assisted companies that have marked the most important milestones in the cannabis sector in Uruguay:

 -First company to obtain license for cultivation and commercialization of recreational cannabis granted by the State.

-First company to register before the National Seed Institute of a hemp variety developed locally.

-First company to industrialize and commercialize an edible -yerba mate- with the addition of cannabis.

-First company to industrialize and commercialize a pharmaceutical cannabis-based product. 

- First company to obtain authorization for an animal feed product with the addition of cannabis.

-First company to export hemp flowers and open the exports markets for Uruguay.

-First National Agrarian Association of hemp producers.

On October 2018 Daniel was appointed as General Secretary of the Chamber of Medicinal Cannabis Companies for the period 2018-2021.

Due to his extensive knowledge of regulatory framework of the industry has exposed as speaker and panelist at conferences in Canada, Spain and the United States.

He has actively collaborated with the Uruguayan government in drafting local regulations being source of consultation for governments of the southern hemisphere.

He is the author of publications in various specialized industry media.

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