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Carlos Allan Malacara Cano

Trademarks & Litigation Attorney

Panamericana De Patentes Y Marcas

Carlos Allan Malacara is a senior associate at “Panamericana de Patentes y Marcas” (Mexico) and has been closely following Mexico’s progress towards the authorization of medical and recreational use of cannabis, which started around 4 years ago. He is well versed in the legal aspects that revolve around the plant’s legality and regulation in the country.


His practice began in 2009 and focuses on Intellectual Property, with expertise in the automotive, chemical, life sciences, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, fashion, gaming, sports and technology industries, providing strategic trademark counseling to domestic and international clients including pre-filing stages, trademark clearance and classification of goods / services, specializing in prosecution, enforcement, litigation and dispute resolution proceedings.


Mr. Malacara co-launched last year the cannabis Law practice at “Panamericana de Patentes y Marcas” to support the needs of the industry in Mexico.


Education: Law degree (2010); postgraduate degree in Intellectual and Industrial Property (2014); Master’s Degree in New Technologies, Copyright and IP (2020). 


He is an active member of the AMPPI’s (Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) regulatory law, trademark and litigation committees.

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Global Perspectives of Legalization

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Cross Border Markets & Commerce |  Regulatory
Tamar Todd |  Steve Fox |  Carlos Allan Malacara Cano |  Sandra Gogal
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We’ll cover where the power to regulate/enforce gets vested, and through which agency/agencies, how cannabis becomes legalized: whether through legislation, ballot measures, or litigation, and the COV...
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