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Asa Waldstein

Certified Clinical Herbalist

Supplement Advisory Group LLC

Asa Waldstein is a Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH) with 20 years of experience developing and implementing compliant marketing and cGMP manufacturing processes in the dietary supplement and hemp industries. Asa has formulated, manufactured, and marketed hundreds of products in a compliant manner and has helped oversee three FDA CFR 111 inspections without any 483s. Asa is Chair of AHPA's (American Herbal Products Association) Cannabis Committee. He is also founder and principal of the consulting company Supplement Advisory Group and his Regulatory Education Series platform hosts free events for the community on FDA/FTC enforcement trend analysis, social media marketing principles, and manufacturing efficiency principles.

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Federal Agencies 301: Potential Conflicts For Marketers of Cannabis Products

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Advertising, Packaging and Labeling |  Business |  Consumption Law |  Copyrights and Trademarks |  Cross Border Markets & Commerce |  Ethics |  Federal Law |  Intellectual Property |  Regulation law
Cynthia Meyer |  Rich Cleland |  Asa Waldstein |  Matt Zorn
1 Hour 14 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Discover potential conflicts related to Federal agencies for marketers of Cannabis products, from limitations on intellectual property protection to agency enforcement action to litigation.
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